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Retirement Planning


Retirement is real. It is a glaring fact. It will hit all of us at some point in time. 
In addition, it is much closer than it may appear.
Retirement is not an event but a stage of life that could last decades. 
During those decades, inflation will cut down your value of savings ruthlessly.
If your savings do not earn enough, you are going to run out of them within your lifetime.

1.    To save enough during your working years and invest the savings in equity-backed mutual funds.
2.    Deriving income from these savings after you have retired. 
It is important to invest early. There are two reasons:
First: It provides a higher RISK APPETITE = HIGHER RETURN over the long run
Second: A seemingly marginal delay in investment, results in disproportionately high opportunity loss for an investor in the eventual realization of the corpus.
There is another advantage in mutual fund wherein one can opt for SWP i.e. SYSTEMATIC WITHDRAWAL PLANNING. In which one can withdraw partially as a source of income after retirement.

With proper planning and rigorous discipline, mutual fund SIP is a great investment option to ensure a very fulfilling retirement.
It said that money cannot buy happiness. However, lack of financial security does put a lot of stress in our personal lives